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John Gillette Campbell & Jillian Leigh Keffer — Minted

John Gillette Campbell


Jillian Leigh Keffer

John Gillette Campbell and Jillian Leigh Keffer

We are getting married!!!

Our Story

John & Jill met at a Halloween party in downtown Baltimore in 2018.

Jill was dressed as a sheep with friends as the BAAAhd Girls Club. A very loud & scantily clad Captain Underpants, John, kept picking the cotton balls off her costume & eating them a la Buddy the Elf. Things failed to progress after that first encounter & not even a phone number was exchanged after he bumped a glass of red out of a friend's hands onto a fellow sheep who shrieked, "I'm Bleeting."

Fast forward through a global pandemic to Jill swiping right on Hinge in July 2020. She made the move complementing John's 25 days of holiday sweaters collection just before Christmas in July. Briefly hesitating after making the Halloween connection, things progressed well, including career changes for both sides, a move to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, & a January 2022 engagement in Ocean City!

On to planning the next milestone & cheers to hoping this one doesn't involve a splash of red wine on a white dress!